torsdag, juni 18, 2009

Visa mig din näsa och jag ska säga dig vem du är

Gutenberg hittade jag en intressant bok. Den är skriven 1920, och heter:
"SEARCHLIGHTS ON HEALTH - THE SCIENCE OF EUGENICS". I den finns en hel del märkliga fakta. Bland annat får man lära sig att man kan se hur folk är genom att titta på deras näsor.

1. Large Noses.—Bonaparte chose large-nosed men for his generals, and the opinion prevails that large noses indicate long heads and strong minds. Not that great noses cause great minds, but that the motive or powerful temperament cause both.

2. Flat Noses.—Flat noses indicate flatness of mind and character, by indicating a poor, low organic structure.

3. Broad Noses.—Broad noses indicate large passage-ways to the lungs, and this, large lungs and vital organs and this, great strength of constitution, and hearty animal passions along with selfishness; for broad noses, broad shoulders, broad heads, and large animal organs go together. But when the nose is narrow at the base, the nostrils are small, because the lungs are small and need but small avenues for air; and this indicates a predisposition to consumptive complaints, along with an active brain and nervous system, and a passionate fondness for literary pursuits.

4. Sharp Noses.—Sharp noses indicate a quick, clear, penetrating, searching, knowing, sagacious mind, and also a scold; indicate warmth of love, hate, generosity, moral sentiment—indeed, positiveness in everything.

5. Blunt Noses.—Blunt noses indicate and accompany obtuse intellects and perceptions, sluggish feelings, and a soulless character.

6. Roman Noses.—The Roman nose indicates a martial spirit, love of debate, resistance, and strong passions, while hollow, pug noses indicate a tame, easy, inert, sly character, and straight, finely-formed Grecian noses harmonious characters. Seek their acquaintance.

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stella sweden sa...

...min näsa finns att studera på lillajävla...trevlig midsommar!


Plastfarfar sa...

He he. En annan har alltså varit general i ett tidigare liv. Dock icke i detta.

WV: raffig. Det, ni!

Johnny sa...

stella: En fin en. :-)

pf: General von Raffig. :-D